The best online store in the UAE with a wide range of electronics components.
- Anto
Dear Zero Ohm! Great customer service. Nice to see someone doing what is lacking here in Dubai. Great prices also!
- Martin
I am pleased to share that I made my first order (payment on delivery) recently and the delivery to my Abu Dhabi location was very prompt and without any errors.
- Yehiya
This website is very nice and well organized! i absolutely love it! i just hope for it to expand fast which would allow a much greater choice of components and tools. on both my orders that i collected from co-founder muaz's place, the packaging was top notch with not a single error!
- Anas Malas
Extremely happy to see a company like this after searching for 4 years.UAE is blessed to have this kind of company And my sincere congrats to the AUSIes who took this initiative.UAE is lacking in the field of electronics development and design.This initiative will generate more young enthusiasts and engineers.
- Sundara Raj
everyone this site is the best because of them i could complete my project on time.Thank u Zeroohm.Youre awesome.
- hrithwik
First time buying in the UAE and you guys make buying electronic parts wayyyyyy easier for a student like me. It was hard to go around without a car and being unfamiliar with places in Abu Dhabi, it just exacerbated things. Thank you guys for the quick delivery and the inventory, hope you guys can get more stuff in. Will order again!
- Syafiq
I'm very pleased that a group of people took the initiative to educate young minds and provide resources for them to fiddle with the world of electrical engineering. Wish you all the best.
- Mustafa Hammo

Electronic Components in Dubai, Arduino kits Oman & Qatar by Zeroohm Electronics

SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Photon New
Description: The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for Photon is a great way to get started in the fresh IoT w..

Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit New
Description: The Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit is a great way to gain a solid introduction to the small..

Raspberry Pi Camera Board v2 - 8 Megapixels New
DESCRIPTION Snap, snap! The Camera v2 is the new official camera board released by the ..

Soldering Station (ST-60) New
Are you looking for a soldering station? The new version is here! It has a power in watts of 60! It ..

Soldering Station (AT938D) New
Are you looking for a smart digital soldering station? Especially when the heating element is suitab..

XY Plotter Robot Kit New
     What is XY-plotter?XY Plotter Robot Kit is a dr..

Ultimate Robot Kit-Blue New
     What's Ultimate?Ultimate is a comprehensive rob..

Starter Robot Kit New
     What is starter robot kit?Starter robot kit, as ..

Arduino Uno - R3 -18%
In order to make the transfer rates faster and has more memory the Arduino Uno uses ATmega16U2. In a..
120.00AED 99.00AED

Arduino Starter Kit -14%
In general, this kit walks you through the basics by building 15 simple, creative, yet effective pro..
525.00AED 450.00AED

Description: This is a SparkFun exclusive! These are 155mm long jumpers terminated as male to female..

Description: Who wants pi? The Raspberry Pi has made quite a splash since it was first announced. Th..

Arduino Mega 2560 R3 -9%
The Arduino Mega is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega2560. It has 54 digital input/output ..
215.00AED 195.00AED
Based on 2 reviews.

Description:Jumper wires are really great for breadboarding, use these male to male jumper wires..

Description:This is an 830 tie points Bread Board, awesome enough for fast small circuits protot..

Description:This is a set of 70 male-to-male jumper wires. Great quality, and very useful for yo..

Description:This a 300Ω resistor which is rated for ¼ Watt, has a 5% tolerance of its nominal va..

Description:This a 470Ω resistor which is rated for ¼ Watt, has a 5% tolerance of its nominal va..

Description: This is similar to other 16x2 character LCDs that you've seen before but with one ..

This product has many added improvements since it retains the ability to drive up to 4 DC motors or ..

Do you need to prototype with InvenSense MPU-9150? This product makes it very easy to do that, the p..