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7-Segment Display - LED (Blue)

SKU: ZO-1071
Model/MPN: YSD-160AB3C-8
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7-Segment Display - LED (Blue)

Description: Your basic 7-segment LED, but in blue! Common anode. Two decimal points, but only the one on the right is wired. Digit height is 0.6". Overall height is 1".

Check out this tutorial on how to use this product with the 74HC595 Shift Register and Arduino. Thanks Patrick and Mycha!

Note: As far as we can tell the pinout in the datasheet is incorrect. This is the correct pin-out:

1: E 10: G
2: D 9: F
3: Common Anode 8: Common Anode
4: C 7: A
5: DP 6: B


5 ( 5 / 5 )
I love, love love this display! used it on a project to permanently display A and another one to display M (a 3, flipped 90 degrees to the right) i used a 6v battery as a supply (4x Energizer advanced pile alkaline cells) and one 200 ohm resistor to each lead of the display which worked perfectly! pairing them up in parallel after the resistor didnt seem to be a good idea because of the lower brightness. overall: i love it! oh. and did i mention that i love it?

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