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Cap Trimmer Ceramic 6/50pF 50

SKU: ZO-1405
Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Model/MPN: TZ03Z500F169B00
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Cap Trimmer Ceramic 6/50pF 50

Ceramic trimmer capacitors are variable capacitance capacitors, so these are used for adjusting characteristics of electronic equipment. Using Murata's ceramic processing technology and unique material, Ceramic trimmer capacitors are offered for the demands of many applications.
  • Specifications:
[1] Color coded case facilitates identification of capacitance range
  [2] Sealed construction prevents the penetration of flux and dust
  [3] Available in two adjustment styles: Top / Rear
  [4] Cross-shaped (+) slot enables automatic adjustment
  [5] Lead-Free Type
  [6] RoHS Compliant
• Capacitance Range: 6~50pF
• Maximum Capacitance: 50.0pF +100 / -0%
• Temperature Characteristics(TC): NP0±300ppm / °C
• Q: 300min. at 1MHz, Cmax.
• Rated Voltage: 50Vdc
• Withstanding Voltage: 110Vdc
• Insulation Resistance(Min): 10000M ohm
• Torque: 2.0 to 14.7mNm
• Operating Temperature Range: -25 to +85 °C
• Stator / Case Color: Orange
• Adjustment Direction: Top
• Soldering Method: Flow
• Height: 4.8mm ±0.5
• Mass: 0.4g
• Terminal Shape: F Type(Top Adjustment)
• Brand Name: MURATA
• TZ03 Series(Lead Type) , Standard Type
• Mounting Type: Through Hole / DIP(Dual in -line package)
• Packing: 1,000 units / bag
• DIP Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors Mass Stock
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