What do you know about Zero Ohm's consulting services?

About us


Zero Ohm General Trading LLC is an electronics and electromechanics company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In Zero Ohm, we provide an easy access for high quality electronics components that targets universities, schools and laboratories. The company provides huge products’ ranges from small resistors and transistors to sensors, microcontrollers, and embedded Linux systems. Currently, our inventory in Dubai contains more than 1,100 different products as well as a consolidated range of 100,000 different products from our suppliers. In addition, we care to educate our clients to better develop and expand their knowledge in electronics using in-house developed materials. Furthermore, Zero Ohm provides industrial R&D services and smart solutions in the electronics and electromechanics field. Our company is supported by Khalifa Fund as well as Dubai Government through H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid establishment for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME).

Our Vision:

“To be a world-class company in developing, manufacturing and distributing smart solutions and electronic parts, where customers not only buy products but also be inspired and educated”

Our Mission:

“To provide easy access to high quality smart solution and electronic parts through developing, manufacturing and retailing besides being a part of the education process in this field”.

Our Values:

  • Quality and Efficiency
  • Commitment and Service Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Transparency