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VoiceBox Shield Retail

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Manufacturer: Sparkfun
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VoiceBox Shield Retail

What is a VoiceBox? What does it do? Well, it is such a fun shield that converts serial commands into a voice of some kind of robot! It uses SpeakJet  chip to do that.
Follow the following instructions: There are the 18-DIP SpeakJet IC and a two stage audio amplifier with a potentiometer to set the gain. You can connect a speaker directly to the 'SPK+/-' pins or headphones with the 3.5mm audio jack.
Controlling this SpeakJet can be done using either of these two methods:
• Serial line
• The eight event input lines which are connected to digital pins 5-12
A 3-way jumper allows you to connect either
• The software (D2)
• Tardware (D1) TX pin of the Arduino to the SpeakJet's serial input.

There's also a small prototyping area. Stackable headers are included in the package. The version without the extra plastic can be found in the related items below.



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