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12th IEEE UAE Student Day

Posted by Guillen 08/05/2017 0 Comment(s)

Greetings, Zero Ohmers!

Zero Ohm is proud to report that the IEEE UAE Student Day held at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi last April 15 was a tremendous success.

The objectives of the event was to:

  1. Train students to work in competitive environments;
  2. Recognize the outstanding achievements of IEEE UAE students;
  3. Facilitate knowledge exchange between IEEE UAE students;
  4. Enhance IEEE students’ communication skills;
  5. Raise the profile and increase public knowledge of IEEE within the UAE.

 The following competitions set the tone of the day:

  1. Common Design Project (CDP)
  2. Engineering Design Project (EDP)
  3. Software Engineering Project (SEP)
  4. Industrial Design Project (IDP)
  5. Community Service Project (CSP)
  6. Senior Design Project (SDP) 

While the Zero Ohm Team sponsored the Industrial Design Project (IDP) competetion, we congratulate all participants and their sophisticated projects, their advisors, and respected universities. Here are some of the teams that competed:

Manipal University Team

Khalifa University Team

Special mentions to Ajman University team (Ahmed Hamad Farah, Ahmed Samir, Mohammad Salah) who won 1st place on the Autonomous Vehicle Race competition.

See you in the next Zero Ohm-sponsored event!


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