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Zero Ohm - Private Individual Training Sessions

Posted by Momen 13/08/2017 0 Comment(s)

Welcome to Zeroohm Raspberry Pi/Arduino Training series. In this series of  Training, Zeroohm will focus its efforts on helping the community learn more about Raspberry Pi/Arduino fundamentals and basics starting with basic control of LED's, motors, sensors and utilizing of wirless communication. We hope that you find this useful, Please, leave a comment for any questions or comments or reviews!

We provide all our trainings for groups from schools, universities, public sector and private sector in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujirah, RAK or anywhere in UAE. Please,click here to contact us directly for any training inquires.


Hello Zero Ohmers,


We come to you with a brand new zero ohm Training progarm, a new unique, One on One, Two Hours Private Individual Training sesion. Get a kick start in the programming and prototyping world with Zero Ohm's Raspberry Pi and Arduino in a Private Training session face to face with the Trainer. The Session gives you the opportonity to programing and prototyping throung a series of simple expermints like controling LEDs, reading sensors, display information on a screen, drive motors, and more. This Program is the perfect choice of beginners to start creative prototyping with Arduino and/or Raspberry Pi by learing how to program with each one and recognaizing their applications.


The Arduino Session will include the following:


1. Level 1: Get Started with Arduino by Sparkfun Inventor Kit.

2. Level 2: Arduino with Sensors and Motors.

3. Level 3: Arduino and Wireless communication.


The Raspberry Pi Session will include the following:

1. Introduction to Raspberry Pi.

2. Analog Inputs/Output In Raspberry Pi.

3. Wireless Communication in Raspberry Pi.


1. Introduction to Raspberry Pi

2. Analog Inputs/Output In Raspberry Pi

3. Wireless Communication in Raspberry Pi

- See more at: https://www.zeroohm.com/blog/introduction-to-raspberry-pi/#sthash.8jDAthqR.dpuf

For more Info, please click on each link.
Please note that we have to schadual a session for you so prepayment is mandatory through paypal.

1- Mastering Arduino - Private Individual Session.

2- Mastering Raspberry Pi - Private Individual Session


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