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Wadi Drone project

Posted by Mohammed 18/10/2016 0 Comment(s) Clients projects,

This post is a courtresy of NYU, Abu Dhabi Wadi Drone team. We thank them for sharing their efforts in pushing the DIY culture online.


The Wadi drone project was done by 4 students and their advisor (Martin Slosarik, Vasily Rudchenko, Lin Ting-Che, Kai-Erik Marechal Jensen, with faculty advisor Matt Karau).

Description of project:

The Wadi Drone collects data in regions where deploying communications infrastructure would spoil the natural heritage, or present a human risk to physically retrieving data. The Wadi Drone is a fixed wing airplane with a 2.5​-metre wingspan carrying a small communications payload that retrieves information from ground-based scientific measurement devices.

 Click here for the video describing our project.


To get in touch with team for personal or business purposes, please use the following contact info:




Zeroohm is ever greatful for your efforts to share your knowledge and hard work.

For a better DIY culture in the region near us.

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