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Zero Ohm Internship Program

Posted by Guillen 11/05/2017 0 Comment(s)


Zeroohm Electronics Internship Program





Zeroohm launched its internship program back in 2014 and since then we have trained many engineers in multiple disciplines.  We have trained engineers from backgrounds in electrical, electronics, communication and software engineering.


Whom do we target?


1. Electrical, electronics, communication and software engineers.

2. Marketing students

3. Finance students


How do we train YOU?


At Zeroohm Electronics, we will always involve you with production projects and give you tasks to deliver.

The responsibilities will involve you working on any of the following depending on your background:

  1. Different boards
  2. Develop circuits and codes
  3. Develop materials
  4. Optimize our website/servers for search engines
  5. Code software that will help optimize Zeroohm operations
  6. Support our marketing activities
  7. Support our financing activities

 Our internship programs are meant to teach you so expect challenging projects.


Curious about previous internees?


With our first internee ever Eng. Afra from Khalifa University




Miss Aya Ziad Al Ruzzi of Al Ain University



And Hamad Yahya and Muath Alhashimi of KUSTAR in Abu Dhabi


and many more..


Please email your C.V.s to modeh [at] zeroohm [dot] com with the subject of "Internship Program"


Zero Ohm Electronics is looking forward to new members of our team!

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