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Zeroohm Quality Guarantee

Posted by Guillen 27/07/2017 1 Comment(s) Electronic components and parts,


Why should you care if your electronics are genuine?

A counterfeit component might electrucute you and will seriously damage your circuits, electronic projects and potentially cause fire.

A variety of the counter fit items found in the market are not rated for use in UAE which would negate any insurance that you might have for your project, property or investment.


How does Zero Ohm Electronics guartnees the genuity of the products we sell?

By applying our strict quality assurance procedures.

For example, we have very specific procedures on placing orders, requesting for certificates and recieving inspections. All our products are up-to-date and rated for UAE and GCC. We guarantee that all of the products you see on are sourced directly from either the manufacturer or an officially approved distributor.


What are counter fit and clone items?


1 Comment(s)

31/07/2017, 08:44:55 AM,

A clone is an authentic product. It's authentic arduino-styled product. Arduino is open-source. So arduino has absolutely no problem that someone clones the boards.

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