H-Bridge - 1A, Quad-Half

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Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Model/MPN: SN754410NE
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H-Bridge - 1A, Quad-Half

This is a Quad Half H-Bridge, which can drive 2 motors up to 1A

Don't forget to add flyback diodes to the outputs as explained in the datasheet, you could use these 1N4001 diodes

The reason why you need an H-Bridge is that the motors are made of coils, and when current is switched ON and OFF on a coild, a very high voltage is generated (V = di/dt) which can destroy your H-Bridge, when you add the "flyback diodes" the danger to the chip is eliminated because all the current will "fly-back" to the power supply either through Vcc or GND


No. of Pins
Current Rating
Supply Voltage
Vcc1: -0.5 - 36v Vcc2: -0.5 - 36v
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