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AND Gate

SKU: ZO-107
Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Model/MPN: SN74LS08N
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AND Gate

Four 2-Input AND gates in one paackage

Supply Voltage
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Should you ever see this, thanks for your comments Anas they where quite useful when I was building my inverter synth.On another note, this chip works as a good replacement for the 40106 series chip used in this project is a great series and is worth following. If anyone reading this does, make sure that your speakers have an amplifer built in or the circuit will not generate enough voltage to produce an audible sound.P.S. Here is the datasheet, looks like the Zero Ohms guys forgot to add it noisemaking!
5 ( 5 / 5 )
(Part one) it took me a lot of trial and error to get the circuit i wanted. i am here to help you! so the circuit i intended was the two inputs get powered. only then the output is lit up. but it seemed that all outputs are always on, regardless of the inputs! and you would need to connect an input to ground in order for the output to be off. i started of by adding two diodes in series between my 6 volt battery and the Vcc to lower the voltage to ~4.8 volts(not resistors, because diodes dont depent on current), and wired gnd to ground. with only two wires, i realized the all outputs are on!! i then found out the the inputs have to be grounded for the output to be off.
5 ( 5 / 5 )
(Part 2) so i added 200 ohm resistors on each input. and then to the same inputs i added the two input wires. now, if we connect them both to positive, we will get an output. if one is not connected the current will have to flow through the resistor thus effectively grounding it, making the output go off. for the output, i wanted to use a 3v blue 5mm led, so i added a 200 ohm resistor, then the led, then to ground. as a finishing touch, i put both inputs on switches so that they could be toggled easily, not wires removed. i hope that made sense.... but hey, it works :D

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