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Rotary Potentiometer - Linear (10k ohm)

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Rotary Potentiometer - Linear (10k ohm)

Description: An adjustable potentiometer can open up many interesting user interfaces. Turn the pot and the resistance changes. Connect VCC to an outer pin, GND to the other, and the center pin will have a voltage that varies from 0 to VCC depending on the rotation of the pot. Hook the center pin to an ADC on a microcontroller and get a variable input from the user!

This is a center-tap linear type potentiometer. The outer two pins will always show 10K resistance, the center pin resistance to one of the outer pins will vary from 10K Ohm to about 50 Ohm. The pot is linear meaning the resistance will vary linearly with its position. This is a good choice for general user interfaces.

This pot works great in a breadboard but on a few breadboards, you may have to trim off the large metal anchors.


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Hello! i just saw a way to wire this component up correctly. i used a breadboard and on it i did the following: one colomn shares a 200 ohm resistor, the NEGATIVE terminal of the led (5mm blue from this website), the outer most right terminal of this pot(could be the other way around), and the negative terminal of my battery. then on the middle column was the positive led terminal and the middle pot terminal. the last one on the left had positive wire from 6v battery alonethis setup worked like a charm. the led turns completely off at half a turn, which i quit good!sorry for my bad review for a product that had no fault. forgive me <3
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Hello Anas,Thanks for the feedback, we will try to get a better datasheet
3 ( 3 / 5 )
Got one of these to use as a rheostat (variable resistor) for a 6v led using direct current from a 4xAA battery. it started smoking whiten a second and no longer works. i bought another one but wanted to recheck the datasheet and found no mention of Volts, amps, or power dissipation. upon using Google i found that it is rated at 50 mW!! it gets this poor review for the bad datasheet...

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