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Consulting: Scope of Service

Posted by Momen 12/10/2017 0 Comment(s)

Scope of service:

Proving cutting edge open-source IoT Solutions for industrial control and measurement systems.

Our Service for you:

Zero Ohm Electronics offers consulting services in designing and implementing open-source IoT solution in the industry. We offer coding, electronics, design and implementation consulting in doing industrials prototyping control and monitoring project.

We can provide consulting services in the following Fields:

  • Monitoring Systems:

We offer services to make a custom made monitoring system for your industrial system/environment as per your requirements with features like danger alerts via email, SMS and/or RF transmission.

  • Controlling Units for Industrial and/or Personal usage:

We Provide tailor made control systems for your application such as electrical switching of pumps, motor and more. Our control units can me designed for your own requirement to achieve a high speed, accurate control system.

  • IoT applications

We provide IoT solutions to take your industrial control and monitoring system online and do all your operation for your office desk.

  • Open Source Electrical Devices:

We provide open-source industrial prototype and progrmming by making use of all open-source electronics from all kind of sensors and actuators to open-source controller such as arduino and raspberry pi.

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