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We provide a wide variety of equipments such as soldering stations, oscilloscopes, soldering irons, solder wires and brass sponges. These items along with the solder paste will help you build a more robust and powerful electronics systems for more serious use. The soldering stations will help you build more robust PCB's and the paste will help you solder more easily. Take a look at our products and talk to our engineers if you'd want any help!

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DESCRIPTION● Integration design for soldering station and hot air rework station to keep whole u..
Do you want to clean your soldering iron tip? Or in other words remove the residue? This in fact is ..
SparkFun’s Digital multimeter’s basic concern was with the continuity of a really loud sound, br..
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Are you an advanced user? Are you looking for something that could be used to a range of time that l..
Are you looking for a basic tool that is unleaded solder? (By unleaded I mean Pb-free), we’ve got th..
What is the Solder Paste-50g (Lead free) all about? You see, using this amount (50 g) is pretty high..
It is a simple stand composed of two things which are: A reinforced spring, and a heavy-duty metal..
Soldering Station (AT938D) -15%
Are you looking for a smart digital soldering station? Especially when the heating element is suitab..
750.00AED 637.50AED
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Are you looking for a soldering station? The new version is here! It has a power in watts of 60! It ..
ATTEN 900M-T-LB Short Review: Long-life soldering iron replacement tip for precision component s..
Soldering Iron Tip AOYUE T-3.2D Long-life soldering iron replacement tip with double-sided cut for ..
Are you willing to build your own WeevilEye? The kit provided right here teaches you how to do that ..
Mini Soldering Iron, is a small, lightweight, quick heating up soldering pencil for great soldering ..
Simon Says - Surface Mount Soldering Kit -15%
Are you searching for the latest version of the Simon SMD soldering kit? Well, in case you have sold..
105.25AED 89.46AED
Are you searching for the latest version through-hole Simon Says Kit? It’s right here. This is a pe..
A solder leaded spool! That sounds very helpful since it’s considered the basic spool leader solder,..
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Description: The Solder Vacuum, a great (and sometimes under appreciated) little tool for solder r..
What is Solder wick? As a beginning, this product is composed of copper threads braided together, an..
In case you are looking for a cheap soldering iron, but one that still works well, then this iron ri..
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