Hardware Kits

Hardware Kits

The Hardware kits category is one of Zero Ohm Electronics' most popular groups. This includes 4WD kits, Redbot kits that can equip sensors and other add-ons, Robotic claws and its pan/tilt brackets, and more. 

Whether you are looking for a robotic prototype for data-gathering or in the competetive spectrum, like robot wars or science fairs, these kits are the perfect find for your projects.

Of course, throw in a little flare using some of our microcontrollers and sensors to make it "smart".

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Description: This is the Multi-Chassis Basic 4WD Kit, an easy to assemble and use robot chassis plat..
Description: Welcome the RedBot Basic Kit, a robotic development platform capable of teaching two ..
Description: This is a pan/tilt bracket designed specifically to work with the robotic claw MKII tha..