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LilyPad Arduino USB - ATmega32U4 Board

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LilyPad Arduino USB - ATmega32U4 Board

What is LilyPad Arduino USB - ATmega32U4 Board about? From the name of it, we basically replaced the ATMega328 with the new ATMega32U4, and this is because we wanted to create a LilyPad with a built-in USB support, the only piece of hardware needed is a micro-USB cable! This made it very special and a great boot loader.
Also, a great feature that exists in the LilyPad as well is that it has a JST socket in which you can easily connect a Li-Po battery for power, and it can also be turned off anytime you feel like it using an on-board power switch. This makes work simpler and easier. One more interesting thing is that the Li-Po battery can be recharged through the board itself.

LilyPad is a wearable technology, it’s designed in a way that accepts having large connecting pads, this allows them to be sewn into clothing, they’re washable, and also many inputs, outputs, power, and sensor boards are available.


Note: See the GitHub link below for support with the Arduino IDE.


  • 50mm outer diameter
  • Thin 0.8mm PCB


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