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Do you want to add flashy functionality and twinkling lights to your projects in a way that doesn’t take up much space and without any programming? Or perhaps need an educational tool that shows ranged of different functionalities? LilyTiny does that for you. It’s a really small board that has an ATiny microcontroller on it. It’s amazing since all you have to do is basically sewing the 4 LEDs, connect a battery, and watch what happens to the LEDs regarding blinking and fading.

This includes: One will blink on and off, another will flash a heartbeat pattern, another will do a "breathing" fade, and the other will do a random fade. Also, in case you want to reprogram it yourself you can do that since the ICSP programming connectors are broken out on the back.

What is a LilyPad? Basically, it’s a wearable technology, it’s designed in a way that accepts having large connecting pads, this allows them to be sewn into clothing, they’re washable, and also many inputs, outputs, power, and sensor boards are available.



  • 20mm outer diameter
  • Thin 0.8mm PCB



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