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Line Sensor Breakout - Analog

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Line Sensor Breakout - Analog

This product comes as analog and digital , what’s special about the one provided here is that the amount of IR light reflected back to the sensor is what decides the output. The applications it can be used for are many, including sensing applications for example since the tiny board is suitable for that. Also, did you know that systems having 3.3V and 5V can be used?
The two parts that make up the board’s QRE1113 IR reflectance sensor are:
1. IR emitting LED
2. IR sensitive phototransistor
The sensor will illuminate when you apply power to the VCC and GND pins the IR LED inside. A 100Ω resistor is placed in series with the LED to limit current as well as it’s on-board. A 10kΩ resistor pulls the output pin high, but when the light from the LED is reflected back onto the phototransistor the output will begin to go lower.

Therefore a general rule is that: “The more IR light sensed by the phototransistor, the lower the output voltage of the breakout board”
Also, an interesting fact is that these sensors are widely used in line following robots - When directed towards a white surface; the voltage output will be lower than that on a black surface, since white surfaces reflect much more light than black. The board also has a single mounting hole if you want to screw the board onto something, and the power input and analog output pins are brought out to a 3-pin, 0.1" pitch header.

We also have a digital version of this board.


Dimensions: 0.30 x 0.55 “ (7.62 x 13.97 mm)


  • 5VDC operating voltage
  • 25mA supply current
  • Optimal sensing distance: 0.125" (3mm)


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