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Zero Ohm Raspberry Pi Kit (Model B+)

SKU: ZO-844
Manufacturer: Zero Ohm Electronics
Availability: Obsolete
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Zero Ohm Raspberry Pi Kit (Model B+)


Guess What?! Here it is finally, the Raspberry Pi Kit from Zero Ohm!!!

This bundle gives you all the basic parts that you need to get started with the Raspberry Pi at a discounted bundle price.

Note: This is a basic setup, you might need a mouse, keyboard, HDMI cable and monitor according to your preference. If you want to use Raspberry Pi through SSH (as I personally do), you will not need all these.

Note: Check your mouse/keyboard and other peripherals compatiblity with Raspberry Pi in this link.

The bundle includes:

Don't forget to grap a Raspberry Pi B+ Enclosure, we have a black and a clear enclosure.

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