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Mini Photocell (5mm)

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Mini Photocell (5mm)

A mini photocell is a 5mm sensor for light, in which it can sense the amount of light it’s being exposed to in order to change resistance. They are very helpful in being ambient triggers that do things depending on the light as it changes. A photocell has many other names that still refer to the same thing such as: photo resistor, photoconductive cell, CdS, or photodetector.


  • Light resistance : ~1k Ohm
  • Dark resistance : ~10k Ohm
  • Max voltage : 150V
  • Max power: 100mW


  • 2 x 4 x 5mm
  • 4mm between pins
  • 31mm lead length


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These are pretty good, but are fairly interesting... so according to my UNI-T UT61C multimeter. these have 13.1 Kohm resistance in normal room light (yellow, 3 power saving 15 watt lamps). when i cover the photocell, it shows 40~48 Kohm when covered by a paper. when i turn on my desk lamp (white, 30 watt power saving lamp) from its normal distance. the resistance is 1.5 kohm, getting the lamp extremely near (~15 cm) it shows 330 ohm. a geepas gefl 4629 flashlight at ~15 cm shows 1 kohm for the less focused ring, and 98 ohm in the concentrated center! other than that. the legs are really tall and bendy,

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