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Teensy 3.2 + header

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Teensy 3.2 + header


Teensy 3.2 is a small, breadboard-friendly development board designed by Paul Stoffregen and PJRC. Teensy 3.2 brings a low-cost 32 bit ARM Cortex-M4 platform to hobbyists, students and engineers, using an adapted version of the Arduino IDE or programming directly in C language.


Teensy 3.2 is an upgrade over 3.1! Teensy 3.2 is a drop-in replacement upgrade for 3.1 and can run any sketches designed for 3.1.

This latest version of this complete USB-based microcontoller development system now adds a more powerful 3.3V regulator, as well as accepts a wider voltage input range.

This board has the same size, shape and pinout as well as full compatibility with all shields and add-on boards made for the Teensy 3.1, plus double the Flash memory as the Teensy 3.0.

Although the Teensyduino IDE has been adapted so that many simple Arduino projects will work with the Teensy, there will still be a lot of libraries and shields that will not work with this device! If you're new to microcontrollers, we suggest going with a classic Arduino UNO since all Arduino projects, examples and libraries will work with it.

Once headers are installed they can be fitted into 0.6" wide sockets.

Let's get started!



    32 bit ARM Cortex-M4 72MHz CPU (M4 = DSP extensions) Here is Freescale's reference manual for the chip (warning 1227 pages) as well as the Datasheet and User Guide!
    256K Flash Memory, 64K RAM, 2K EEPROM
    21* High Resolution Analog Inputs (13 bits usable, 16 bit hardware)
    34* Digital I/O Pins (21 shared with analog)
    12 PWM outputs
    1 12-bit DAC output
    8 Timers for intervals/delays, separate from PWM
    USB with dedicated DMA memory transfers
    CAN bus
    3 UARTs (serial ports)
    SPI, I2C, I2S, IR modulator
    I2S (for high quality audio interface)
    Real Time Clock (with user-added 32.768 crystal and battery)
    16 general purpose DMA channels (separate from USB)
    Touch Sensor Inputs

Information, documentation and specs are on the Teensy site. Please check it out for more details!


    Dimensions: 18mm x 37mm x 4mm / 1.4" x 0.7"
    Teensy 3 schematic


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