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E-textiles, also known as smart garments, smart clothing, electronic textiles, smart textiles, or smart fabrics, are fabrics that enable digital components (including small computers), and electronics to be embedded in them.

Smart textiles are fabrics that have been developed with new technologies that provide added value to the wearer. Pailes-Friedman of the Pratt Institute states that "what makes smart fabrics revolutionary is that they have the ability to do many things that traditional fabrics cannot, including communicate, transform, conduct energy and even grow".

Smart textiles can be broken into two different categories: aesthetic and performance enhancing.

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Description: Here we have some conductive ribbon. Essentially, it's a fabric with 3 conductors woven..
Description: This is 30 feet of conductive thread spun from stainless steel fiber and wound on a pla..
Snap Assortment - 30 pack (male and female) -15%
Description: These sew-on fabric snaps are the same size used on the LilyPad SimpleSnap boards. You ..
11.50AED 9.78AED
Conductive Stainless Fiber - 1oz -15%
Description: While this may look like a bad toupee it's actually an ounce of fine conductive fiber. ..
27.50AED 23.38AED