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Resistor Kit - 1/4W (20 values, 500 total)

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Resistor Kit - 1/4W (20 values, 500 total)

Description: Resistors are a good thing, in fact, they're actually crucial in a lot of circuit designs. The only problem seems to be that resistors disappear into thin air. The only way to be sure that you're gonna have the resistor you need when you need it is to stock up, and keep them organized. We have just the thing!

Our new branded resistor kit comes with 25 each of 20 different resistor values (including 0Ω links!). All of these resistors are stapled into a tri-fold pack and clearly labeled. The back of the resistor kit even has a resistor color code look-up chart and a table of color codes for the included resistors!

We'd like to give Oomlout credit for coming up with this great idea. Thanks guys!

Values Included:

  • 0Ω, 1.5Ω, 4.7Ω, 10Ω, 47Ω
  • 100Ω, 220Ω, 330Ω, 470Ω, 680Ω
  • 1kΩ, 2.2kΩ, 3.3kΩ, 4.7kΩ, 10kΩ
  • 22kΩ, 47kΩ, 100kΩ, 330kΩ, 1MΩ

[Product description and pictures courtesy of Sparkfun.com]

5 ( 5 / 5 )
You're building a project and don't know where to start... or testing a home made amplifier... or 're-purposing' tv remote's IR receiver for you 'very legal' IR signal blocker (because your room mate likes changing channels while you're watching your favorite tv show). Actually, whatever electronic project you have, you will always need resistors. What better investment than stocking up on a bunch of resistors with multiple different values.For a little more than 30AED you will never salvage from a 'broken' circuit to get the resistor you need.BTW they're 1/4W carbon film

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