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RF Link Transmitter - 315MHz

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RF Link Transmitter - 315MHz

What do these receivers work with? Basically, they are perfectly suitable with 315MHz transmitters, as well as their ability to fit in with the breadboard, and in order to create an easy yet helpful wireless data link they tend to work with microcontrollers.

However, notice that they work through one way communication. In order to act as receiver pair or transmitter pair; it is recommended to get two pair having different frequencies.

Note that both of the transmitter and receiver require common frequencies to work in, they also don’t have ID’s. The modules mentioned encounter noises in fair amounts. That’s exactly why filtering and pairing are so important, it’s the perfect method used to get rid of these annoying noises. Please check out the code below for more details, instructions, and information.


  • 315MHz
  • 500ft range (given perfect conditions)
  • 4800bps data rate
  • 5V supply voltage



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Operating Frequency
Supply Voltage
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