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Sensors are the beating heart of any system around us. We need them to communicate with our systems, to actuate a motor or to have a our system react to change in the envrionment. Mastering sensors and their capabilities is a must for any electronics engineer or an enthusiast. Take a look at our wide selection of sensors such as ambient sensors, force sensors, geophone sensors, IMUs, magnatic and many others. All possible to have it delivered to your door steps in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE & Oman & Qatar.

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When it comes to measuring things, we search for the most efficient way possible to do that, but w..
24.26AED Ex Tax: 23.10AED
It basically detects alcohol concentration within the breath. It’s very similar to the breath anal..
24.26AED Ex Tax: 23.10AED
AM2315 - Encased I2C Temperature/Humidity Sensor -19%
This is a very interesting sensor used for temperature and humidity. The style used is very comforta..
128.99AED 104.42AED Ex Tax: 99.45AED
Do you want a Carbon Monoxide Sensor? This sensor is very useful since it is easy to use and perfe..
35.28AED Ex Tax: 33.60AED
This product is very special since it is a sensor that works well with temperature and humidity, y..
25.36AED Ex Tax: 24.15AED
it is a sensor that works well with temperature and humidity, yet still is available in a low suit..
48.51AED Ex Tax: 46.20AED
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Did someone mention there’s a fingerprint scanner? COOL. Where? Well it’s right here! This really ..
157.66AED Ex Tax: 150.15AED
Do you want a water flow sensor enclosure? This product has many cool characteristics, functions, an..
44.10AED Ex Tax: 42.00AED
What makes this sensor very special is its low cost although it does so many interesting functions..
46.31AED Ex Tax: 44.10AED
An infrared proximity sensor of this kind specifically is an awesome sensor that’s made from Sharp..
68.36AED Ex Tax: 65.10AED
This large (30mm diameter) piezo element is nicely enclosed with mounting holes so you can attach ea..
3.31AED Ex Tax: 3.15AED
Hmmm.. We’ve all seen devices that inform us about the distance we’ve crossed such as Odometers used..
55.13AED Ex Tax: 52.50AED
Luminosity Sensor Breakout - TSL2561 -19%
What is the TSL2561 Luminosity Sensor Breakout mainly about? What are the characteristics it has? ..
25.36AED 20.53AED Ex Tax: 19.55AED
This sensor is fairly simple to understand and use. There’s an ABS plastic shell that contains a sen..
26.46AED Ex Tax: 25.20AED
MEMS Microphone Breakout - INMP401 (ADMP401) -19%
What is the use of this product? Let’s start by saying that it doesn’t require any soldering with ..
41.90AED 33.92AED Ex Tax: 32.30AED
This Methane compressed natural gas (CNG) gas sensor is literally the definition of “Magic”. It do..
24.26AED Ex Tax: 23.10AED
Do you want to measure alternating current? CTs are sensors that are helpful regarding this matter..
48.51AED Ex Tax: 46.20AED
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Do you want to measure alternating current? CTs are sensors that are helpful regarding this matter. ..
39.69AED Ex Tax: 37.80AED
Do you want to know how much current is passing through the electrical load? This sensor does that s..
47.41AED Ex Tax: 45.15AED
The following product is basically a 2m long wire temperature sensor. What’s great about it is tha..
34.18AED Ex Tax: 32.55AED
Are you looking for a very easy to use Panel Current Meter? Well my friends, the product shown her..
46.31AED Ex Tax: 44.10AED
Do you need a motion sensor? It’s very helpful. In fact, it’s simple to use since all you need to do..
41.90AED Ex Tax: 39.90AED
Check this out! A reed switch is a small device that makes the switch closes whenever it gets expose..
11.03AED Ex Tax: 10.50AED
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Looking for a reed switch for alarm? This product is especially useful and helps in grabbing your at..
41.90AED Ex Tax: 39.90AED
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A Rotary Encoder having 1023 pulse per rotation? Awesome! This product gets an output in gray code, ..
190.73AED Ex Tax: 181.65AED