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Coin Acceptor - Programmable 4 Coin Type

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Coin Acceptor - Programmable 4 Coin Type

This interestingly fun product is created in a way that accepts 4 different coins! From different countries!
All you need to do is to program it with your choice. Note that any coin from 15mm to 29mm in diameter can be used!
In general, these coins chosen will each be having a number of pulses that make it distinguished from each other. When a valid coin is inserted, the output line will pulse for 20-60ms (configurable). In case a valid coin is inserted, this product will start looking for diameter, thickness, dropping speed, and things like that.
The following things are all provided:
• Acceptor itself
• Mounting hardware
• Cable for power/signal

Check this sheet for more information: instruction sheet

You can download the Electronic Piggy Bank project code from github.
  • Technical Details

    • Power requirements: 12VDC (+- 20%)
    • Quiescent current: ~25mA
    • Peak current (for solenoid): 400mA
    • Accepts coins from 15mm to 29mm in diameter, 1.2mm to 3.8mm thick
    • Programmable for up to four different coins
    • Does not work with coins that have 'holes' in the center! Also may not work with NZ $1 coins (one report)
    Instruction sheet
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