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Soil Temperature/Moisture Sensor

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Soil Temperature/Moisture Sensor

Are you working on a gardening project? Or do you just love gardens and working in gardens in general? Fascinating. This sensor is made for such aspects regarding the soil. It’s capable of measuring humidity, as well as temperature. The awesome thing about it is the weatherproof feature, which will allow air to pass through it for measuring the humidity and moisture of the soil, however, water will still be kept away from seeping in and damaging anything. Although it’s designed in a way that allows it to be submersible, yet, it’s always better to avoid over 1 hour submersion.

Note that:
• Humidity readings have 4.5% precision
• Temperature is 0.5% precision.
• Regarding the interface, a microcontroller is required.
• The sensor is not washed after reflow and is rehydrated according to datasheet requirements.
• The sensor works with 3 or 5V logic.
• The 1 meter long cable has four wires: Red = VCC (3-5VDC), Black or Green = Ground, Yellow = Clock, Blue = Data
Check this out for more information: For Arduino, there's a handy Sensiron library with example. For Propeller, there's an SHT1X sensor object


Technical Details

  • Body dimensions: 14mm diameter, 50mm long
  • Cable length: 1 meter
  • Humidity readings with 4.5% accuracy
  • Temperature readings with 0.5 degree C accuracy
  • Working Temperature/Humidity range: -40°C ~ 120°C, 0~100% RH
  • Four wires: Red = VCC (3-5VDC), Black or Green = Ground, Yellow = Clock, Blue = Data
  • All other sensor specifications are in the SHT10 Datasheet
  • Soil sensor datasheet

SHT10 Datasheet
Soil sensor datasheet

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