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PN532 NFC/RFID controller breakout board - v1.6

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PN532 NFC/RFID controller breakout board - v1.6

Communication between devices is definitely crucial; in fact, communication is what people learn through. An NFC/RFID controller breakout board is very close to the definition of a Bluetooth where two devices can communicate whenever they get close to each other, and without the need of authentication. Also, all the things that exist in RFID will be there in NFC as well since an NFC is considered as an extension of RFID, such as bi-directional communication between cell phones and much more.Now available in Dubai, UAE, Oman, and Qatar.


  • Read and Write tags
  • Works with any NFC/RFID Type (Type 1 - 4 and Mifare Type
  • Can use 3.3V TTL UART at any baud rate, I2C or SPI to communicate
  • Supported by libnfc by using FTDI cables to the FTDI serial port to communicate (For Linux/Mac/Windows applications)


  • a tuned 13.56MHz stripline antenna
  • 0.1" header
  • 2 jumpers/shunts
  • a 4050 level shifter chip
  • a Mifare Classic 1K card

New in version 1.3: onboard power LED, 3.3V regulator and an FTDI header.

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2" x 4.7" x 0.425"(51mm) x (117.7mm) x (1.1mm)
2" (51mm)
4.7" (117mm)
0.425" (1.1mm)
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