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SparkFun Inventor s Kit - V3.1

SKU: ZO-417
Manufacturer: Sparkfun
Model/MPN: SIK-V3.1
Availability: Obsolete
Replacement Product: SparkFun Inventor's Kit - V3.2
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SparkFun Inventor's Kit - V3.1

Description:  The SparkFun Inventor's Kit (SIK) is a great way to get started with programming and hardware interaction with the Arduino programming language. The SIK includes everything you need to complete 15 circuits that will teach you how to read sensors, display information on an LCD, drive motors, and more. You don't need any previous programming or electronics experience to use this kit.

The full-color SIK Guidebook (included) contains step by step instructions of how to connect each circuit with the included parts. Full example code is provided and explained and even includes troubleshooting tips if something goes wrong.

The kit does not require any soldering and is recommended for beginners ages 10 and up. The new V3.1 version of the kit includes the SparkFun Mini Screwdriver to secure your RedBoard to its baseplate and replaces the translucent red breadboard with an opaque white breadboard (now you'll be able to clearly see which socket you are inserting your hook-up wires into).

Circuit Examples:

  • Circuit 1: Blinking an LED
  • Circuit 2: Reading a Potentiometer
  • Circuit 3: Driving and RGB LED
  • Circuit 4: Driving Multiple LEDs
  • Circuit 5: Push Buttons
  • Circuit 6: Reading a Photo Resistor
  • Circuit 7: Reading a Temperature Sensor
  • Circuit 8: Driving a Servo Motor
  • Circuit 9: Using a Flex Sensor
  • Circuit 10: Reading a Soft Potentiometer
  • Circuit 11: Using a Buzzer
  • Circuit 12: Driving a Motor
  • Circuit 13: Using Relays
  • Circuit 14: Using a Shift Register
  • Circuit 15: Using an LCD

Kit includes:



Product pictures and description are of


Get Started with Zero Ohm Tutorial on Arduino

Overview on Arduino with Motors and sensors

How to setup Arduino with wireless communication

5 ( 5 / 5 )
Product Review: Yet another amazing product by SparkFun. A kit highly recommended to all the beginner and novice geeks and engineers out there. The kit provides quite a lot of sample projects so that you can get comfy with C++/Adruino coding.Zero-Ohm Review: The order was processed very fast. I had chosen "Pick-up" as my shipping option along with Cash on Delivery. The support team was always available for any clarifications I had. I did not have to wait at all for response from the Support Teams. A fair pricing for the products as well.

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