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CC3000 WiFi Shield with Onboard Ceramic Antenna

SKU: ZO-474
Manufacturer: Adafruit
Availability: Obsolete
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CC3000 WiFi Shield with Onboard Ceramic Antenna

Why is this product special? It basically avoids being too slow, too difficult to use, it also avoids signing an NDA, and avoids having limited functionality, it’s also not too expensive or large!

We carefully wrapped this little silver module into an Arduino shield. We also added a microSD socket and a reset button. It has an onboard 3.3V regulator that can handle the 350mA peak current, and a level shifter to allow 3 or 5V logic level. The antenna layout is identical to TI's suggested layout and we're using the same components, trace arrangement, and antenna so the board maintains its FCC emitter compliance (you'll still need to perform FCC validation for a finished product, but the WiFi part is taken care of). Even though it's got an onboard antenna we were pretty surprised at the range, as good as a smartphone's. 

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