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XBee Explorer Dongle

SKU: ZO-790
Manufacturer: Sparkfun
Model/MPN: WRL-11697
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XBee Explorer Dongle

Guess what! We’ve brought you the amazing new XBee Explorer Dongle for the Digi XBee module line!

Do you know what that means? Well ladies and gentlemen, you can now plug it straight into the USB port and it’ll act as an actual gateway between YOUR computer and the XBee! See how simple and easy it is to use? You will not require any cables. A totally cable-free operation. Also, note that it will works with all XBee modules and all Series such as 1 and 2.5, the standard version and not to forget the Pro version. The on-board voltage get regulated up to 500mA.

What’s very special about this board? Well, the data gets transferred between the computer and the XBee through the FT231X USB-to-Serial converter, which contains the reset button, and gets plenty of power to be supplied through the voltage regulator; in addition to that, there are extended functionalities that need soldering header pins or wires in order for it to work, also, there are 4 LEDs that help in debugging the XBee which are the following:

RX, TX, RSSI (signal-strength indicator), and power indicator.

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