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Zero Ohm Raspberry Pi 3 starter kit

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Zero Ohm Raspberry Pi 3 starter kit

Zero ohm Raspberry Pi 3 starter kit is fantastic way to have a clear introduction to the small sized computer. This kit will help you to connect your circuit to Pi 3 by connecting SparkFun Pi Wedge to a breadboard and, by utilizing the Pi’s 40-pin GPIO you can control pushbuttons, LEDs, and a host of user created circuits.

Includes :

  1. Raspberry pi3
  2. Wall Adapter Power Supply - 5V DC 2A (USB Micro-B)
  3. SparkFun Pi Wedge B+  
  4. FTDI Basic breakout 3.3v
  5. Breadboard- long (830 Tie – Points)
  6. SD Card 16 GB
  7. microSD USB Reader
  8. Red, yellow, blue and green 5mm LEDs 5 each
  9. Jumper Wires Premium 6" M/F Pack of 10
  10. Jumper Wires Standard 7" M/M Pack of 30
  11. Resistor 300 Ohm - 1/4W (pack of 20)
  12. USB microB Cable - 6 Foot
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